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A Betoota Heights woman has today witnessed a very strange phenomenon, after attempting to get a prescription filled for some dermatitis cream.

Visiting her local Chemist Warehouse at roughly 3pm, as she’d long ago learnt that lunch time and after work was the worst possible time to go, Verity Hall [25] had figured the task would take no longer than ten minutes – seeing as there was only one other person waiting in front of her.

But as she’d handed over the prescription and walked over to the ‘collect prescription’ area, she’d heard a strange noise that sounded similar to a light saber – and saw something that made her question her entire reality.

Speaking to The Advocate, a visibly shaken Verity tries to grapple with what she witnessed.

“It was so strange, I handed my prescription over to this bloke and saw him enter that back area.”

“But instead of reaching for the medication, he did this strange thing with his hand and this giant black hole opened up out of nowhere.”

“Like a portal to another realm. Anyway, he entered it and didn’t reemerge for another twenty minutes.”

After getting in touch with the pharmacy, our reporter is told that it takes a long time as the pharmacist has to review records to make sure the dosage is correct, and that there aren’t any harmful interactions with other drugs the patient is taking – so essentially making sure people don’t die.

Though this makes a good cover story, The Advocate is fairly certain something more sinister is happening at the pharmacy chain and will be keeping a firm eye on it for anymore extraterrestrial activities.

More to come.


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