In an effort to find some consolation amongst the current circumstances, local Job Seeker Alisha Wilson has found solace in the fact she doesn’t live in the United States of America right now.

Sitting at her dining table in her 4 person sharehouse in Betoota’s French Quarter, the young out of work hopso employee told The Advocate that she likes to remind herself that things could always be worse.

“I could be a resident of New York right now I guess,” she laughed over a cup of tea and a brekky Tim Tam.

“I mean, yeah I’m out of work, isolated, bored. But hey, at least I live in a country where social security will look after me, where people listen to authorities when it comes to protecting public health, and where our health care system will look after me if I fall ill.”

“So at least I’m finishing Netflix and Stan in a relatively safe environment you know.”

Wilson went onto explain that she is just so thankful she doesn’t live in the US, where the Death toll will tick over 50,000 in the next day or two, and people are talking to the streets to protest against the infringements on their rights to disobey social distancing measures.

“I mean, at least Scott’s listening to the health authorities and not telling people with guns to ‘liberate themselves,'” she explained.

“It’s really weird that the leader of their country blatantly ignored advice from health authorities, costing the country far more lives than they’ve lost to terrorism, and no one seems to bat an eyelid. Look at what we’ve achieved here by social distancing and a decent health care system.”


“So yeah, in short. There’s always a positive. And right now that’s the fact I live in Betoota, not the Land of the Free.”


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