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In a shocking case of animal abuse it has been confirmed today a unconfirmed number of digital domesticated animals known as Neopets have starved to death after 15 years of neglect.

Most popular during the mid-naughties, Neopets.com was best known for being the thing daytime TV parents were disproportionately concerned about after Pokemon and before Fortnite.

An online Tamagotchi style system saw over 40 million accounts created by children and those without a proper childhood, who on average spent over two hours a week tending to their virtual pets for reasons that are beyond anyone who’s lost their virginity.

Despite adopting the animals and gifting them with names, accessories and even the pet’s own ‘pet pet,’ it appears the website users have abandoned the animals they voluntarily took into their care, leaving them to slowly starve to death on a server, alone.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Digital Animals (PETDA) is planning a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against all registered users who let their Neopets starve to death where those responsible are expected to pay upwards of 200,000 Neopoints each.

Neopets.com released a statement saying if more previous users do not soon log in to feed their pets soon, they will be forced to compassionately euthanize all reaming Neopets.



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