On the lower half of the lower-mid Queensland Coast sits a troubled town by the name of Gymboolture.

Like most regional epicentres in Australia, Gymboolture is currently being ravaged by crystal methamphetamines.

So much, so that it’s now destroying homes and making it hard for residents to walk outside without some sort of protection.

The circulation of dirty money in exchange for the drug is more than evident when you look at some of the modified vehicles getting around the bad parts of town.

However, local ice dealer Jeyghmie Jasons (29) says he that blaming him for his town’s raging ice problem is a cop out.

Aside from a few shorts stints in the pen, Mr Jasons has spent roughly a decade trafficking boot-loads of rocks into his town and selling it for fuck all margins after paying royalties back to the bikies that pressured him into selling in the first place.

However, despite the fact that he sells to over 30% of the town, Mr Jasons says the responsibility falls on the person who actually smokes the ice.

And as someone who only smokes 1.3% of the ice in his town, he doesn’t reckon he should be shouldering blame for the catastrophic destruction of his once picturesque community.

“I sell to blokes who would account for 10% of the town’s ice” he says.

“They are the ones robbing their grandmas and breaking into cars, not me”

As Jeyghmie points out, there’s no point in him giving up the glass barbie, if other users like Indeeya and Chynah keep smoking at the same rate.

“Sure, I probably smoke a fair bit considering I only make up 0.03% of this town’s population” he says.

“But that’s still a tiny amount. I smoke fuck all compared to the people I traffic ice to”


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