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In news that may upset some properly qualified professionals, universities have today announced that from 2020 onwards they will be recognising Netflix documentaries and Joe Rogan podcasts as acceptable qualifications or credits towards all post-graduate degrees.

A spokesperson from Betoota University explained to The Advocate how the move was an attempt to modernise their structure.

“It’s where people are getting their education from these days.”

“Libraries and text books are a thing of the past.”

“That’s why we’ve decided to recognise these new forms of knowledge.”

“We’re opening ourselves up to a whole new demographic, just think of all the untapped potential that we now have access to because we’ve made this step.”

“It’s just a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on.”

While the university spokesman was standing by their decision, intellects and properly qualified people aren’t as convinced.

“It’s a terrible idea. Do they really think this will help uncover tomorrows doctors, lawyers and whatever else?” said one researcher.

“It’s a pathetic attempt to get more money.”

While there seems to be quite differing opinions, one group that will surely welcome the change is the students.

Early reports from social listening indicate that searches for university post-grad degrees has already increased 30% in just 2 hours.

More to come.


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