In some news from the South Coast of New South Wales, the volunteer firey responsible for the viral video providing Scotty from Marketing with some honest feedback has reportedly been sacked by the RFS.

Paul Parker, who famously swore at the Head of Marketing during his short interview with Channel 7, says he has been sacked by the organisation, even though he is a volunteer, who gave his everything to the cause during the crisis.

His soundbite telling Scotty to get fucked during the middle of another exhausting shift trying to protect his community came after the Prime Minister said volunteer firefighters don’t need compensation because they ‘want to be there’ before disappearing on an international holiday while the country burned.

After saying that Parker is later seen collapsed on the ground, exhausted, saying he’d already lost 7 houses in Nelligen, and he wasn’t going to lose anymore before calling the Prime Minister a dickhead.

Those comments, which perfectly articulated how many around the country felt during the devastating national crisis have now seen the man sacked from the organisation he gave up his time to tirelessly help after it was revealed Freedom of Speech advocate’s like Scott Morrison don’t like Freedom of Speech so much when the free speech is directed at them.

Begrudgingly speaking to The Advocate this morning, Scotty from Marketing said he wished he had to power to step in, but unfortunately, the whole thing’s a state-based issue.

“My hands are tied on this one,” he said.

“He’s not a Christian exercising his right to free speech, so, unfortunately, he shouldn’t have the right to free speech.”

“I mean, maybe he was exhausted, emotional and frustrated and he was deeply concerned for his local community, but he should have checked with his media team what comments were appropriate to be making to the media at that time.”

“I’d go down there and shake his hand but he’ll probably want more funding for the RFS, and I’ll have to awkwardly walk away again.”

It’s not yet known when the Murdoch press will come out to bat for the local man exercising his right to freedom of speech.

More to come.


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