LIFELONG LOYALTY: Victoria has today recorded another 567 new community cases in greater Melbourne, bumping the number of active cases in the state to 5,675.

There are 209 Victorians in hospital, 59 of those are in intensive care and 40 are on a ventilator. Of those in hospital, 86 per cent are not vaccinated and 12 per cent were partially vaccinated.

With these statistics, it is now undeniable that the selfishness of anti-vaxxer conspiracists is directly responsible for the overwhelmed healthcare system.

Frontline workers around the country say they are growing tired of putting their lives at risk to help treat people who end up in ICU beds as a result of the dangerous misinformation that undermines every effort to control this virus.

One local ICU nurse, Coburg woman Sally McMason (42) says after running on 4 hours sleep a night for two months with dwindling hospital supplies – she has grown to loathe this noisy movement of morons who think they know more than the scientists and doctors.

That’s why she’s joined the Victorian branch of the CFMEU today.

Sally is one of tens of thousands of frontline workers who have immediately pledged their allegiance to the construction union, after footage went viral of their delegates punching on with anti-vaxxers who were protesting against mandatory jabs on worksites in the Melbourne’s CBD.

Hundreds of young men dressed as betrayed union members gathered on Elizabeth St in the city on Monday morning calling on the CFMUE to stand up for the workforce – by shutting down work – to send a message to Premier Dan Andrews, that he has no right to shut down their work, which he hasn’t done (???).

The heavily tattooed CFMEU heavyweights were quick to confront the crowd, urging them to calm down, before this alleged tradies began hurling bread crates and water bottles towards them.

The melee quickly descended into a full blown punch on between union reps and the deranged conspiracist wearing hi-vis, as the protestors refused to negotiate in a civil manner.

“That’s officially my union” says Sally.

“I will pay whatever fees are required to see an anti-vaxxer get a megaphone broken over his head”


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