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Australians around the nation are starting to understand why the Prime Minister got the arse from all his previous marketing jobs after his handling of the current bushfire crisis descends further into farce.

Local man Oscar Corrigan, of Betoota Heights, spoke to The Advocate this morning in the carpark behind Cara’s Cakes & Pies in the Old City about how he feels about Scott Morrison’s recent performance as our country’s leader.

As he drank his coffee, took a few drags on a cigarette and spat intermittently on the asphalt between his feet, Oscar just couldn’t stop shaking his head.

“Did you see what he did yesterday?” he asked our reporter.


Mr Corrigan is referring to a video ad for the Liberal Party which outlined what steps the government was going to take to action against the deadly bushfires burning in every corner of the nation.

It also urged viewers to donate. Not to the Red Cross or the state-based volunteer firefighting service but to the Liberal Party itself.

“Mate, no wonder he got the dick from all those marketing jobs. He’s fucking hopeless at it. Every morning, it seems like Scotty From Marketing pulls back the covers of his freshly-made bed, lowers his Gazman britches and shits directly onto the Egyptian cotton,” said Corrigan.

“It’s hard to fathom.”

Oscar then cocked up one foot and put his cigarette out against the sole of his boot. He popped the butt in his pocket once he made sure it was out.

“We live in a fucked place, Errol. A fucked place.”

More to come.


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