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Like a cat being herded toward an open door it doesn’t want to go through, Jenny Piggins finally got her boyfriend to clear his weekend for a surprise adventure.

Many things raced through that cat’s brain. Perhaps a trip down the river? Or to the Birdsville Valley vineyards?

The cat, who is known to his friends, family and Queensland Police as Betoota Heights roofing apprentice Michael John Kennedey, was in for a surprise.

Though he hadn’t read the books or even saw the movies, Jenny bought two tickets to the new Harry Potter stageplay extravaganza that rolled into town last month.

Harry Potter And The Lost Conepiece has just started it’s two-year run at the Remienko State Theatre in the Old City District.

The show is in two acts and runs over 19 days and 18 nights – a total of 478 hours. Jenny and Michael went into the theatre on the 15th of August and have only just emerged.

Michael spoke to The Advocate a short time ago, where he seemed stressed and disorientated by the Harry Potter experience.

“What day is it?” he asked our reporter.

“Jenny waited until the last possible moment to tell me that the show goes for like 19 days and we can’t leave. I thought she was taking the piss! God, fuck! I’ve probably lost my job! My parents would’ve reported me missing!”

“I haven’t eaten in a week. There was like 200 people in the crowd, we all had to pick a corner of the room to use as a toilet. It was horrible.”

Jenny was slightly more positive about the show, saying it felt more like a blatant cash grab than a real end to the Harry Potter narrative.

“You usually have to wait until an author dies before their life’s work is prostituted out to the highest bidder,” she said.

“Oh well. Guess old JK wanted to get the kitchens done in her castle.”

More to come.


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