Australian Pasifika rap artists have officially overtaken Western Sydney Wanderers fans as the biggest consumers of rescue flares, according to a recent report by fish and outdoor retail specialist, BCF.

BCF have reported a sharp rise in MuscleBros tracksuits and Nike TNs in their outer-suburban franchises, usually frequented by leathery old fisherman with sandal tans.

According to the Australian maritime laws, rescue signal flares are required onboard to get the attention of other boats or aircraft if you need assistance. Flares that are in date must be carried on all boats and personal watercraft (PWC) that operate beyond smooth water limits. Both orange smoke and red hand flares are needed as part of the safety equipment.

However, both hobby and commercial fishers around the country are now facing a critical shortage in rescue flares, due to the rise of Australia’s most popular hip hop art form, tropical drill rap.

Drill music is a style of trap music that originated in the South Side of Chicago in the early 2010s. Defined by dark, violent, nihilistic lyrical content and ominous trap-influenced beats – the artform has since taken off in inner-city London, and it’s most recent incarnation has seen it embraced by Australian Pacific Islanders.

Rap videos from bands like OneFour and HP Boyz are now the highest-trending videos on Australian YouTube charts, and are responsible for the rise in appropriating maritime rescue signals into a gangster aesthetic.

Minister for Agriculture Bridget McKenzie MP says while she champions the creative spirit of the earchers in tha 2770 and 3976 – the Australian fishing industry is currently being limited to harbours and oceans.

“The Australian boating and fishing industry is no opp of drill rap” she said, carefully choosing her word.

“But we would like to come to an agreement over just how many flares they need in their video clips. When you combine the Polynesian rap music with the Western Sydney A-League fans, you’ve got more flares than the BeeGees”


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