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A number of RSL clubs in our far south-west corner of Queensland have expressed concern today that the spread of the deadly coronavirus through many floating RSLs may have the potential to spread to more traditional land-based ones.

Derek Deardon from the North Betoota RSL said he has concerns about this virus and the fact that many floating RSLs have been in the media recently for being a ‘breeding ground’ for the pandemic.

The retired Warrant Officer spoke briefly to our reporter today in the smoking section of the North Betoota RSL’s gaming area.

He sat at one end, feeding Pelican Pete while our reporter attempted to heard the Big Red kangaroo towards a feature. Four machines were between them.

“It’s nothing but bad news,” he said.

“Those floating RSLs and how the virus has spread throughout so many of them has me freaked the fuck out, Errol. It really has. A lot of people who enjoy going on cruises also enjoy the reasonably priced meals and good old fashioned Queensland hospitality we offer here at North Betoota. I’m worried they’ll get off the boat, come back to the Simpson and cough on things like pokies, my staff and pokies,”

“And I know I’m not alone. I’ve spoke [sic] to the Birdsville RSL, Noccundra and the Thargomindah Country Club and they’re all as terrified as me.”

More to come.


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