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“This is getting expensive!” he laughed.

“But, you know, it’s like car rego and insurance. You just have to pay it and move on!”

Today marks the second time embattled federal energy minister, Angus Taylor, has had to hand-deliver a carton of New to one of his National Party cousins.

He spoke to reporters at the entrance to the Nationals wing in Parliament House a short time ago.

Late last year, Mr Taylor was forced to answer allegations of corruption and forgery from members on the opposite side of the parliamentary chambers.

He did so until some fires started to really take hold that pushed him and his problems off the front page and out of the media altogether.

That was until last week when an issue Angus has with some water deal came back into the media.

“I thought, ‘Fuck me, I can’t catch a break with these journalists. They’re always up my arse. I can feel the bridge of this Four Corners reporter’s nose firmly against my gooch.’ and then all this shit happened with the media going after Bridget and hey presto, I’m back to page six,” he said.

“And think about it. Nobody actually gives a fuck about what I’ve done. 99% of the country probably doesn’t understand what I’m accused of doing. Which is fine. If everyone was a Rhodes Scholar, who in society would have we have to break shit up and throw it in a skip bin?”

“I haven’t lost any sleep. Anyway, I better get this box of brain varnish to Bridge before it gets too hot!”

More to come.


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