In some exciting news for one of the nation’s most decorated sports clubs, a huge run at missing out on finals could now be on the cards.

After the first win in weeks for the Wests Tigers, the famous merger club from Sydney could receive another massive boost.

What comes as a quintessential rugby league story, the Tigers have revealed they plan to follow through on threats to sue the NRL for 2 competition points.

The tale from Tiger Town, which is strange and as fucking stupid as it sounds, is that the club believed they were robbed by the NRL’s bunker in their Round 19 match against the Cowboys.

The bunker controversially intervened after the siren to award the Cowboys a penalty, which secured the win for the team from the North and stole a much-needed win from the struggling Tigers.

However, the Tigers are now confident (in the same manner they are confident they are going to win each week) of recouping the 2 competition points, by taking the NRL to court.

If successful, the Tigers could claim the win, bumping them a massive 2 spots up the ladder from second last, all the way to 13th.

That would leave them only 5 wins away from 9th place, the pinnacle of an end-of-season achievement for the Tigers.

With 5 rounds to go, it means that the Tigers could secure 9th place if they won all of their games, and all of the teams above them lost all of their games.

Which is why it makes so much sense that the Tigers are so keen to sue the NRL for that stolen match.

Something the Wests Tigers say they are willing to fight for, by seeing the organisation that runs the game in court, which definitely won’t take years to arrive at an outcome.

More to come.


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