Proving that some Millenials do in fact enjoy oppression, Generation Y member Arnie Koscho (25) has gone the whole hog and put a Wests Tigers bumper sticker on the rear of his Toyota Corolla.

“Got a good deal on it,” lied Koscho.

“Seven thousand dollars at only 200,000 kilometres.”

At the time of writing, one of the few things deemed more useless than his 2001 Toyota Corolla are the 2021 Wests Tigers, whose constant failure to get up didn’t even result in a compelling trainwreck of a sports doco.

Born on the tail end of the Millennial generation bracket, Koscho was nine years old when his footy team last won the premiership meaning he can remember it but was not old enough to know he’d need to store the euphoria in his back like a camel.

Impressively, he actually manages to take some form of pride in his pissfilled waterballoon of a team and felt no shame affixing a Wests Tigers bumper sticker on the hail-damaged front of his Rolly.

“By this point, everyone who thinks they are someone clever will take a cheap shot at my Tigers. I’ve invested so much of my time and emotions into this team, equal to the amount of cash I’ve put into this crock of a car, nothing can hurt me anymore.”

“My generation is sad they can’t afford homes and are basically financially fucked everywhere they look? Try getting done by the Cowboys at home then tell me you have it tough.”

At the conclusion of our interview, Koscho’s Corolla suffered another engine failure and in order to get home he was forced to get on the bus.


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