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In a season that has included winning three games and losing a bye match, the Parramatta Eels have again made NRL history by becoming the first team to score a previously unheard of ‘Own Try.’

Eels replacement centre Talum Huntley-Cartwright made a linebreak in the 78th minute of the game, unaware he was running in the wrong direction.

Eels players Tim Mannah, Beau Scott and Clint Gutherson all tried to tackle their rogue team mate but were unable to, despite the fact all three of them are team captain for some reason.

Putting the ball down between the uprights, referee Ashley Klein ruled it a try on-field before sending it up to the box to confirm the grounding.

After being awarded the codes first own try, Huntley-Cartwright immediately converted the try, with the final score ending up as 82-0 against the Eels.

Parramatta centre Jarryd Hayne was made aware of his teammates’ error when a friend texted it to him, while he was on the sideline, smoking an e-cigarette while browsing the Facebook page ‘Shit Memes.’

At present, the Parramatta Eels board are not sure if they will be resigning Huntley-Cartwright back on to his $1.2 million dollar contract, especially seeing as Canterbury Bulldogs coach Dean Pay is in talks with the young centre, following advice from previous club coach Des Hasler.


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