The NRL’s most in form club has today been offered a special reward for all of their hard work.

The Wests Tigers have been told that they can take ‘Optional Bye Rounds’ going forward.

This comes after a string of strong performances from the merger club, with 8 losses in a row chalked up.

So, as a result of the players putting in about 80% of the effort of their peers, the game’s organising body has given them the option to just take a week or two off.

It’s a move that is hoped to spare fans and the players from having to sit through 80 minutes of Wests Tigers football, where a bunch of professional athletes get paid a lot of money to play a game, and refuse to show any interest in being there.

“We don’t think it’s fair on fans who turn up to watch a game of rugby league to watch the Tigers at the moment,” said NRL boss Peter V’Landys.

“An hour and a half of that is akin to a human rights violation.”

“It’s also not fair on the opposition players who turn up expecting a game and have to run through the Tigers for 80 minutes.”

“So, if they can give us 48 hours’ notice, we’ll allow them to just take an optional bye round.”

It’s believed the Tigers are considering taking the first optional bye this weekend, ahead of the clash with the high-flying Parramatta Eels on Easter Monday.

More to come.


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