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A local Betoota Heights Kiwi has today informed the nation’s Wallabies fans that last night was completely above board.

This comes after what many have labeled the worst refereeing call they have ever seen, which saw the Wallabies robbed of a victory in the final minute by French referee Mathieu Raynal.

The controversial call came with the Frenchman awarding the All Blacks a scrum on the Wallabies goal line, after pinging the Wallabies for time wasting – despite the clock being off and a total of 39 seconds elapsing since being awarded the ball to kick for touch.

Had the Wallabies been allowed to kick, they would have likely kicked to touch, lost the line out and conceded a try anyway – which would have been a much more stereotypical and fair way for them to lose.

While pundits, fans, and ex-players have revealed that they have never, ever seen a call like it in their time watching the game, New Zealand rugby fans have been quick to point out that the call is well within the rules and something they were calling for.

“Churr bro, that’s the rules, suck it up and get over it,” explained local Kiwi Richie Carter this morning.

“It doesn’t matter that we’ve never ever seen anything like that before. Ref told him to kick it, he should have kicked,” he laughed.

“Grow up,” said the man whose national coach spent the entire press conference after their loss to Argentina complaining about the Pumas employing dodgy breakdown tactics, something far more subjective than a clear-cut cracking under pressure from a referee.

Allegations have since emerged of a Big Rugby subterfuge and French attempts at apologising for the Rainbow Warrior or getting even about the submarine deal, but Richie says that’s all bullshit.

“Just be better bro,” finished the man who always patronisingly says he wants Aussie rugby to do well but clearly has no issue with robbing us of one of the most famous wins.

More to come.


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