The Michael Clarke-Gerard Whateley feud has escalated this afternoon, with the former Australian Captain firing off a stern warning.

Clarke sent Whateley the strongest message yet, by heading down to his local barber this afternoon and asking him to fire up the frosted tips.

“If this pen pushing journo whose never played a game of cricket for his country wants to make observations about the appaling state of cricket in the country from a removed and impartial standpoint, then he better be prepared to dance,” said Clarke staring intently into the mirror at the barber shop.

The tit for tat verbal feud between the former Test Captain and the journalist kicked off earlier this week when Whateley said that cultural issues in the Australian cricket team could be traced back to when Michael Clarke was captain of the team.

The comments didn’t go down well with Clarke who called Whateley a ‘headline chasing coward.’

The former player dubbed ‘Pup’ then reminded the country that Whateley has never played for his country and is therefore not qualified to comment on issues involving the cricket team.

“Like I said earlier this week, you don’t win shit playing nice. And Gerard is about to learn that I’m not playing nice anymore. When the tips come out, it’s business time,” Clarke said to The Advocate this afternoon.

“And as you can see, the tips are coming out.”

“Get ready for a broken fucking career Gerard.”




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