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Patrons at Old City District Brewery ‘Dad Shed Brewing Co’ had a look behind the smoke and mirrors of showbiz today as it became clear the beer garden performer had taken creative liberties with his choice of song cover.

Despite calling himself a singer/songwriter, Connor West is best known for his acoustic covers of popular songs, some of which don’t even feature guitar in their original recording.

“When I was in a ska band we used to do this big sped-up version of Wuthering Heights,” stated West, shocking no one about his past in a ska band.

“But when it’s just me and a guitar, it’s freedom.”

Although the sky may not as be limitless as West claims due to the fact he had to change a couple of lyrics when covering 2016 hit Redbone by Childish Gambino.

Named for the Cajun term for a person of mixed race, Redbone is a funky tune inspired by I’d Rather Be With You by Bootsy’s Rubber Band, which is relevant to no one unless you are interested in obscure musical trivia.

The track also features a few uses of terms West is pretty sure he can’t use and quite a lot of uses of terms he knows for fuck he shouldn’t ever say.

“Stay woke…they be creeping,” sang West, pretty sure no one in the beer garden noticed that subtle little change.

Speaking with the audience members they stated they were very excited to hear West bang out a rendition of the song that features no less than six instrumental arrangements but mostly because they wanted to see how he would dodge the n-word.

“I was wondering if he’d say ‘homies creeping’ or worse ‘black guys creeping.’ In the end, it was pretty vanilla and forgettable which judging by his overall presentation is probably what he’s going for?” 


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