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A local woman has this week shown you has a very strange definition of what ‘handsome’ is, after posting a photo of what may possibly be one of the ugliest dogs to exist.

Captioning the photo ‘My handsome boy!’, Gina Hart seems blind to the fact that her 23 year old anxiety riddled Maltese cross god knows what, looks like a demonic toilet brush – showing that Alfie is a true testament to the saying, ‘a face only a mother could love.’

Bordering on the edge of death, Alfie appears to exist purely out of spite at this stage, as the seething hatred he has for anyone other than his owner appears to keep him (or ‘it’ as Gina’s boyfriend calls him) holding on by a thread.

Slightly incontinent and barely able to walk, Alfie likely has at least four more hate filled years left but won’t let his lack of teeth get in the way of biting anyone who dares come near him.

More to come.


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