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A Betoota family has escaped tragedy this morning after their daughter, who they presumed dead, showed up for dinner as usual.

Jan and Toby O’Brien’s found out about their daughter’s supposed death through Instagram, after seeing an obituary posted by her best friend. As any parent would be, the O’Brien’s were heartbroken and immediately began looking for answers.

The last thing they expected was for their daughter to be the one providing the answers, they explained to The Advocate. Our reporter caught up with the family to see why Emilee – not her real name – decided to torture her parents in this way.

“I didn’t have a choice” she protested in a way that insinuates she faked her own death to escape a hardened criminal.

“I have 6 months left on my Fitness First contract and the only way you can get out of them early is if you get a Doctor to say you can’t do physical exercise or die”

“I thought faking my own death would be the easy option”

“It’s like making an unbreakable vow”

The Advocate reached out to Fitness First to see whether or not they would in fact be releasing Ms O’Brien from her contract, given she’s dead.

“As per section 3.4 of our membership contract, a person must be legally declared dead for 3 days before we will cancel a membership”

“As Ms O’Brien has only been dead for 24-hours we will not be releasing her yet”

The O’brien’s have all agreed to keep up ‘Emiliee’s’ death charade for the next couple of days to ensure she gets out of the contract.

More to come.


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