“We’re on here boys” shouts local labourer, Jacko Morven (25) as he rolls back onto the worksite this arvo.

The crowd of workmates gather round, as the second-in-charge of Diamantina Landscaping begins handing out the smoko orders.

It’s Friday arvo, and Jacko’s shouted the boys on the company card.

Eyes light up as the sausage rolls and chicken sambos make their way into the hands of salivating working men.

As everyone begins tucking in, questions arise as to what Jacko decided upon for lunch, as a the 25-year-old is well known for treating himself on the company card.

“Couldn’t go past the Bachelor’s Handbag” says Jacko.

“It was on sale and I missed breakfast”

“So I’m gonna polish a whole bag today boys”

The men stare in awe as the husky Betoota Heights boy reaches into the car and pulls out a full-sized Woolies hot chook, complete with the ‘reduced’ sticker.

“What are you rocking with the handbag today Jacko?” asks one of the young fellas.

“What do you reckon?” says Jacko.

“Bread rolls and coleslaw”

“and the grated Homebrand mozzarella”

“All day lads”

As his colleagues all begin to frown in unison, Jacko realises he’s forgotten something.

“Oh yeah. And the chilli mayo”

The boys nod.

“Fuck yeah Jacko”



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