With Australian farmers offering to pay workers in accommodation and produce, one farm seems to have gotten the balance right. 

Farm worker Allison White (25) did one for the country by taking up the offer of being paid in produce after she landed a picking job at a cash farm.

Hailing from the UK, White has had to put in some time working at a farm because that is how we treat visitors in our country.

Having heard horror stories about poor working conditions, wage theft, sexual assault, and being charged for any berries you eat during work, White was a little skeptical until she got a job harvesting cash at Betoota Lakelands Cash Farm.

After signing up to get paid in 10% of the cash she harvested and a place to sleep that has less snakes than others, White began working at the cash farm and claims it has been great.

“It’s not been easy on farmers, money doesn’t grow on trees,” stated White as she plucked $20 notes from a vine.

“Except for on those Tenner Trees over there but those aren’t ripe yet, they’re only worth five bucks right now.”

White had to then conclude the interview so she could pop over to the dairy and milk the cash cow.


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