A soon-to-be returned rental car has today been exposed to a much cheaper 10% ethanol blend, in what local mechanics describe as a callous act of auto-vandalism.

Kylie Lee (36), a transient motorist only visiting town for a couple of days told our reporters that she spent several minutes weighing up the decision, before ultimately deciding she really couldn’t give a fuck about the longevity of an engine in a vehicle she doesn’t own.

“Betoota is a lovely place to visit” she said.

“And I understand there would be a lot of freight attached to getting fuel out here…”

“But, If I’m honest. I don’t really care if this Mazda 6 lives long enough for it to be put out to pasture in a local used car dealership”

With a full tank of premium going for well over 100 clams, Kylie has opted to finish her weekend getaway with a much lighter personal expense.

“The bloke at the counter took one look at my license plate and shook his head” she says.

“But, the way I look at it is, the E10 bowser exists for only one reason”

“And that is to give rental companies the illusion that their customers are returning their vehicles with a full tank of actual fuel”

At time of press, Kylie was seen rolling her handbag stash of Mum deodorant over the car seats in an attempt to hide the smell of Benson and Hedges.


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