After spending the last month working themselves up to a never-before seen level of white boomer victimhood, NewsCorp has this week turned their attention from blaming the Black Lives Matter movement for coronavirus, to the sad state of Australian comedy.

Convicted white supremacist and prominent eugenicist Andrew Bolt this week joined another ultimate authority on what is and isn’t funny, the highly overrated former advertising executive Rowan Dean – to discuss what is wrong with this relaxed and easygoing country that they’ve been looking down on from their mansions for the last 50 or so years.

And according to two of the creepiest red wine teeth cunts in the Australian media landscape, the great Aussie larrikin is dead.

However, this tragedy may have already been common knowledge to the 70% of Australian media markets that are unfortunate enough to be only serviced by Murdoch-owned local news publishers, which also just happen to be the same regions where Sky News is on free-to-air television with a clearer signal than the public broadcaster, which also just happens to be in the same volatile swing seats that were treated to tens of millions of dollars worth of sporting club upgrades.

In a rare turn of events, Sky News has actually produced a television program – as opposed to their usual format of just letting pedophile-apologists say whatever comes into their shiraz-soaked brains on prime-time television without any repercussions.

However, despite all of the leniency shown to Australia’s noisy right-wing opinion generator – who just last week published a nationwide column blaming ‘negroes and aboriginals’ for their own deaths in custody – their most recent gripe in the fictional culture wars that they have invented in their own heads is the fact that Australians aren’t allowed to say anything anymore.

In a one-hour television special on Sky News, a group of talentless nobodies have been interviewed to discuss the ‘Death of the Aussie larrikin’ of the 70s and 80s.

The program is hosted by Sky News Outsiders anchor and political commentator Rowan Dean, who rose to fame stealing ideas from Paul Hogan and repackaging them into ads for English audiences.

This poorly produced hour of Anti-18C propaganda features interviews with some of the most unfunny cunts of yesteryear, who are looking for the validation that their failing comedy careers can be blamed on political correctness, and not the fact that they haven’t actually landed a joke since 1997.

In a glowing review of this program, Andrew Bolt describes Rowan Dean as one of Australia’s great comedians, and says these are the uncomfortable conversations we as a nation need to have if he ever stands a chance of having his historic convictions for racial discrimination pardoned – a challenge that proved too difficult for his close friend Tony Abbott.

Both men, who really are the type of creepy cunts you would never invite to the pub out of fear of them murdering you and wearing your skin in front of the mirror while pulling their dicks, appear to be the only people outside of joint boomer Facebook accounts who feel like PC-madness has ruined Australian society.

Like most ‘After Dark’ commentators, Dean and Bolt are obviously far less likely to actually hear a good yarn in their day-to-day existence between the men’s only clubs of Toorak and the Sky News desk.

This is because they have been born to look down on the working men loading skip bins on the roadside worksites, where they might accidentally expose themselves to one the gloriously offensive jokes they seem to lament.


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