Karens around Australia are today being forced to prove they aren’t racist, after the actions of a racist Karen in remote Victoria over the weekend.

‘Racist Karen’ as she is known, who reportedly lives in Mildura, has become a viral villian overnight – after she and a companion were filmed making racist comments questioning an their neighbour’s Aboriginality.

Should this ‘Too Strong For You Karen’ incident be discussed on live Breakfast TV by a panel of all white people? We ask Benjamin Law.

Racist Karen was joined by Robert Vigors, who owned McDonald’s in Mildura and Irymple, was filmed in a confrontation at a family home in Mildura that was posted on Twitter by a family member.

In the video, a woman identified as “Karen” made a hysterical to pull down an Aboriginal flag that was hanging from the garage, before saying “get this shit down”.

Robby Wirramanda, the artist and Wergaia man behind the camera, shouted: “It’s too strong for you, Karen”, which led to the hashtag #toostrongforyoukaren trending on Twitter on Sunday.

“You’re a racist pig,” said Wirramanda, to which Karen replied, “I’m not racist mate” – while she attempted to tear an Aboriginal flag from the front of his house, before realising it was 100% Karen-proof.

In the video, an irate Vigors pointed to the camera with slurring words and said: “Which 1% of you is Aboriginal, mate? You’ve got nothing in you that’s Aboriginal.”

Vigors goes on to say he had “a lot of Aboriginal friends in far north Queensland” that would “love to come and give you a lecture”.

As Wirramanda suggested to Vigors the video will “go viral”, Vigors responded: “Let it go viral, because people like you make a mockery of true Aboriginals.”

The exchange continues to grow more aggressive until Racist Rob decides he might have ruined his own life enough for one night and decides they should leave, but not before Racist Mildura Karen makes one last racial slur.

“Go and live in your fucking humpy down the river.” she said, which in turn undermines everything she had said until that point which was mostly stuff about Wirramanda not being Aboriginal.

This viral racist video has now put all of the true Karens in an awkward position where they have to justify that they are not as racist as racist Mildura Karen.

“I don’t know how to prove that I’m a true Karen and not one of the racist ones like that Karen from the video” says local homewares retailer, Karen Clarke (49, Betoota Heights).

“Usually I would just point to how many Aboriginal friends I have but it seems even Racist Rob and Racist Karen have stigmatised that excuse as well”

“I guess the only thing I can do now is spend the rest of my life not saying racist things to people from different ethnic backgrounds to me”

“Certainly not on video!”


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