Local gyprock specialist, Craig Grantley (55) appears to be in the dog house tonight.

This comes after a sporadic Monday night knock off drinks got a bit carried away, to the point where the-father-of-three made the mistake of calling up powerful American gun lobbyists and asking for tens of millions of dollars.

“Not again!” shouted his wife, Karly.

“You said you’d be home in time for MAFS you hopeless prick. Get off the phone”

Forced to abruptly end his phone conversation with several high-ranking members of the National Rifle Association, Craig confronts the repercussions of his actions – knowing very well that he has the ultimate excuse.

“I was on the sauce.” he says.

“Down at the Pastoral with Craig”

Karly isn’t buying it.

“Your name is Craig you dickhead”

Craig stays on the front foot.

“No Craig. From the Bedourie job. His name is Craig too”

Karly begins to show signs of deja-vu. Her husband keeps wheeling her.

“It was for work. He’s that fucking cu– sorry, he’s that bloke with with the line on that other job out at Windorah. I was just having a yarn to see if they needed any hands”

Karly is satisfied with the excuse.

“Ok, I’m sorry” she said.

“But you smell like cigarettes. How many did you have?”

“And can you please not call the NRA and ask for $20 million dollars every time you come home half cut. It’s very frustrating”


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