Australians who want to know more about the blatant acts of corruption being committed by our elected officials – at both a local, federal and state level – are being told to watch ABC TV between 7pm-8pm each night.

This comes as Facebook blocks all news content from being read and shared in its newsfeed in Australia, after failing to come to an agreement with the Australian government, who were told by Rupert Murdoch to make the platforms pay NewsCorp for their decision to share their content social media.

Facebook say they are drawing a line in the sand against a proposed Australian law that would require them, and other tech platforms like google, to pay the country’s news publishers for content.

The move represents the tech giants calling the government’s buff and refusing to acknowledge the boomer narrative that they are to be blamed for traditional media companies struggling to adapt to the internet.

This means that any citizens who want to know more about young women getting raped in Parliament House – or little girls being detained for their entire childhood on Christmas Island, or Peter Dutton’s corrupt tax-payer funded grant allocations to Liberal Party donors, or the Prime Minister’s relationship with the controversial evangelist Brian Houston from the Hillsong Church – must now tune into the ABC at 7pm each night for one hour.

With 90% of the Australian news market is made up of publishers run by either Peter Costello or Rupert Murdoch – the chances that these stories are going to break outside of social media is very unlikely.

The Prime Minister welcomes these changes at Facebook.



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