Side Hustle Scotty has today offered up a fresh new response to allegations he behaved improperly over the last few years.

Current Prime Minister Anthony Albanese released the Solicitor General’s report about the Multiple Ministry saga yesterday, revealing that Morrison didn’t act illegally.

While it did confirm that the behaviour was legal, the report then went on for 26 pages outlining issues, problems and recommendations.

Morrison was quick to point out that because he didn’t do anything illegal, he actually didn’t do anything wrong.

He’s since followed up a giant Facebook post with new fresh claims that the Bible actually clears him of any wrongdoing as well.

Scotty explained to The Advocate today that his behaviour is actually fine according to the holy scripture.

“It’s all completely above board, it’s not illegal at all,” said Morrison this afternoon, who lives in a state where cannibalism is technically not illegal.

“The Bible doesn’t even mention it, so how does that fit with your narrative about me secretly undermining democracy.”

“Checkmate you woke left witch hunters.”

After some research, The Advocate was able to confirm there is in fact no mention of ministerial protocol in Australia within the pages of the Bible.

“Bit of egg on your face now” laughed Morrison.


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