In a weird twist, Prime Minister Scotty from Marketing has awarded conservative commentator Miranda Devine with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The move has caused widespread backlash from leftwing commentators as the Presidential Medal of Freedom is an honour usually bestowed on citizens of the USA and always by the president of said country. 

As such the award seems meaningless to many, heavily suggesting Scotty from Marketing got the idea from US President Donald Trump who recently presented the award to conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh. 

During the largely ad-libbed ceremony, Scotty from Marketing praised conservative columnist Miranda Devine before accidentally calling Devine his favourite coworker.

“She is the only journalist undeserving of an AFP shakeup,” stated the Prime Minister while he produced from his person a medal he had appeared to have crafted himself from Ferrero Rocher wrappers. 

“She sends the kids back to school and stands by us no matter what so she gets the award. How good!”

In her acceptance speech, Devine stated how her being presented this medal was sexist to all the deserving men who should have won the award even though it was her greatest honour since being retweeted by Donald Trump.

“Guess that makes me the Kain West [sic] of journalists,” she stated before going on to release another disappointing article that only diehard fans say they actually read.


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