The processing of the remaining 422 stateless asylum seekers currently detained on Manus Island has had been fast-tracked this afternoon, as Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton waives all security concerns and crammed them all onto a jet and flew them directly to Melbourne.

“We promise. We will gamble as hard as we possible can if you let us flee the purgatory of mental and physical torture at the hands of roided up security guards” said one former Iraqi brain surgeon who was detained in the offshore prison while attempting to flee ISIS with his young family several years ago.

“Please. Give me one of those Chinese gambling visas. I don’t even want to make love with a sex worker. Just get me to the casino, and I’ll try to contact my wife and family from there”

It is believed every single on of the detainees – 213 at East Lorengau, 111 at West Lorengau and 98 asylum seekers at Hillside Haus – made a similar promise to Peter Dutton, after watching the 60 Minutes expose on fast tracked high-roller gambling visas, which was aired on Sunday night.

They are currently en route to Melbourne’s high roller suite and the controversial island detention centre is expected to be closed permanently later this evening.

This follows a the leaking of thousands of files from inside the Australian gaming giant, which show how Crown and its high-roller agents have encouraged and facilitated the travel to Australia of several figures of interest to police and security agencies.

Earlier today, the Federal Government confirmed it previously had an agreement with Crown Casinos to fast-track short-stay visa applications for Chinese visitors – in response to the revelations that were aired on Sunday Night’s episode of 60 minutes.

The files also appear to expose links between Asian criminal gangs, which are involved in high-roller junket businesses, and Chinese Communist Party influence activities in Australia.

The leaked data reveals that Crown had an “emergency channel” with Australian consular officials to fast-track the movement of Chinese nationals into Australia “where we may have hundreds of millions of dollars of turnover at stake” – and where visiting high-rollers are provided government aid to get directly from the airport to the Casino.

The revelations by The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Minutes have shaken the casino giant. They also raise serious questions about state and federal agencies, including gaming authorities, and of course the competency of former disgraced Queensland police officer turned Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton.


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