Benny's mate Sharryd, as depicted in the upcoming Streets Of Sydney television series

2 September, 2015. 12:10

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A viral video that has been seen by over 2.3 million people online is said to be the funniest example of racist Australian humour since the golden era of Rodney Rude and Kevin Bloody Wilson in the late 1980’s.

Released late last week, the video, which is a snippet from an upcoming Australian web-series, features the unrefined comedy of Sharryd Clayne.

A 26-year-old Cronulla local, Sharryd is described by his mates as “your typical true blue bloody Aussie” and “a bit of a larrikin”  – His almost overnight transformation into an online celebrity would definitely suggest so.

Due for a release date later this month, the web-series that features Sharryd, goes by the name of Streets Of Sydney – and looks to tackle the Australian stereotypes that local media has worked tirelessly to avoid. Their debut interviews have been praised by Australian film veterans and politicians alike.

The Honourable Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, has said that it was jokes like this that inspired him join the Liberal Party.

“It is absolutely fucking hilarious. A refreshing voice in a media landscape that is constantly under fire from a Jihad of politically correctness”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has also give comment when speaking to 2GB Radio this morning

“It’s a big joke. It takes a while… But Christ, That punchline is an absolute ripper,”

However, as many would imagine, there are droves of people who claim to find this particular joke offensive. Andrew Denton has said it is a sickening glamorisation of gun-crime in Australian suburbs and a upsetting portrayal of a post-riots Cronulla.

Waleed Aly has also thrown his two cents in – Claiming the subject’s reference to “Arabia” as an outdated expression that is geographically incorrect.

However, the numbers do not lie. With nearly 220,000 facebook views and a further 901,000 views on Youtube, It seems Sharryd Clayne is a real hit with Australian audiences.

Outspoken Australian cultural activist, Shermon Burgess, aka The Great Aussie Patriot has said that the video is the funniest thing he has seen since his mate Scotty Moreland tore off an elderly woman’s burka during the Reclaim Australia Rallies in Melbourne earlier this year.

With plenty more to come, we can only hope that this web-series lives up to the success of Sharryd Clayne’s hilarious racist joke. SEE BELOW:

The Shire is an interesting place. We spoke to local man Sharryd Clayne, about many different things. We don’t exactly know what we learnt from him, but we learnt something. #SOS #TheShire

Posted by Streets of Sydney on Wednesday, 19 August 2015

If you want to see more of the Streets Of Sydney interviews, you can check out the web-series’ Facebook page, or subscribe to their Youtube channel.


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