As the nation grapples with the social and economic fall out of the spicy cough and a raft of other minor issues, the Government has made sure to keep working on the big stuff.

With little to no clarity around how our economy is going to move forward in regards to Net Zero 2050 or how countless people are going to be able to enjoy the human right that is a secure roof over their head, Scott Morrison and Co have introduced a bill aimed at trying to stop ‘cancel culture.’

Tossing up the buzzword that politicians and media types like to use in an effort to get easy traction and rile up people who think their way of life is under threat, the Prime Minister has pushed for parliament to pass his Religious Discrimination Bill.

The Prime Minister says the bill is aimed at ensuring people of faith aren’t discriminated against, an issue that seems to deeply impact the lives of millions of Australian’s every single day.

“People should be able to shout at women going into health clinics to get a medical procedure,” said Morrison today.

“It’s not fair that a doctor can’t refuse to give a medical treatment on the basis of his religious views.”

Morrison told The Advocate that these kinds of things that generate a once-weekly rant from some old red wine type at Sky News are a major issue for everyday Australians.

“This is more important than transitioning our economy to Net Zero 2050, re-opening the country after the last couple of years, fixing the state of rural and regional health or our education system,” he explained.

“Actually, don’t get me started about the poison that is creeping into our schools, with people being unable to reject applicants because of their sexuality,” he said.

“We are straying far too close to a world where people experience repercussions for talking shit and treating people poorly because of their sexuality, gender, and beliefs.”

“We need this bill to get up!”

“For the sake of distracting the news cycle for a few days.”


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