Maverick North Queensland MP caused quite a scene at a local hotel last night.

The Member for Kennedy did so at a motel in Longreach when he let off a round in his hotel room.

Waking sleeping patrons in the rooms alongside him, Bob, who famously doesn’t watch the news, but prefers to watch a movie before he pops off to sleep at night, fired a single shot into his television when a trailer for the new movie Crawl appeared on his screen.

Speaking to The Advocate a few moments ago out the front of the motel, Katter explained that he had dozed off half to sleep during one of the Bourne movies when all off a sudden he saw a ‘croc.’

“You see, I was dozing off there, as I like to do, I mean I’ve done that since I was a young lad back at the old place because I always wake early, and then throughout the day I’m always on my feet, so I do get quite tired you see,” began Bob, using multiple sentences to convey what could be said in a few words, as he normally does.

“And lo and behold, I was a bit dazed and I thought I saw a croc, so I pull out my gun, which they wouldn’t like down South would they, I mean I’ve carried this thing for as long as I’ve been travelling this country for, but there’d be plenty out there who’d have a big boo hoo about it and want to take it off me, but anyway so I thought there was a croc in the room and I just bloomen opened fire on the thing.”

Bob then confirmed that it turned out it was just a trailer for a new movie CRAWL, that flashed up on the ‘tele,’ which doesn’t even have crocs in it anyway, as it’s an alligator theme creature feature, but it was enough to send him off. 

“It’s all gators over there (the US) you see, but anyway looks like a good one to go have a look at. I love getting down to the movies once a month to go and see something. I always get a Choc Top too let me tell you. But, this CRAWL movie looks like it’s full of seasonal Townsville weather and toothed reptiles trynna take human life. Anyone that wants to put a couple of hot ones into a gator, or a reptile like that’s gonna get me on side.”

“If it was up to me I’d bloody deal with the crocs up in the north here, but I hope they deal with ‘em in the movie, just put a few bullets in the mongrels.”

Bob then continued on for about half an hour in some nonsensical ramble, before our reporter eventually managed to get away.

It can be confirmed that no one was hurt by the gunshot as it dislodged in a beam behind the TV.

The movie in question, Crawl is in Cinemas July 11, and Bob has refused to confirm or deny whether he will steer clear.  


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