Newtown local Declan O’Brien was feeling a little bit silly this weekend.

After a couple of extra hoppy blood orange and passionfruit double XPA’s the graphic designer was in a pretty good mood.

“Oi we should mix that voddy with Remedy Kombucha haha,” laughed the chirpy young bachelor enjoying a mate’s mid arvo BBQ.

With a few attendees feeling as bloated as a week old carcass on the far side of a rural property, the left field idea was met with some positive acknowledgement.

“That’s actually not the worst idea you’ve had Declan,” concluded one friend of the loveable early Birkenstock adopter, who received a few half-hearted approvals from around the circle. 

Somewhat shocked that his food and drink related idea hadn’t been immediately shot down, as is the case when he often suggests expensive vegan restaurants when everyone is feeling like a naughty boozy blow out meal, O’Brien immediately offered up his Raspberry Lemonade Remedy Kombucha.

“Here, here, try the one I bought, it can’t make that generic Whateverov Vodka taste any worse at least,” continued the man doing a very good excited younger brother impression.

“Mmmmm yep, it’s good shit aye, I’ll go get some more if you want, maybe some Peach booch,” said the wound up local man not far off building up the confidence to put on some band no one had ever heard of on the aux.

“You guys ever had kimchi?” he said.

“Yeah I reckon we should get some more of this stuff,” said one of the guests.

“Can you get some party pies while you’re down there too please.”


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