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A Qantas flight from Brisbane to Betoota arrived this afternoon at 3pm as scheduled.

The flight left Brisbane at 1pm and despite expectations from all on board, it arrived without a problem and the passengers were able to disembark without fear, panic or even relief.

“It was a pretty standard type of flight,” said one economy class passenger.

“They gave me a bottle of water and a packet of pretzels. I could’ve had a James Boag’s and a cookie but yeah, watching myself after the Christmas Break,”

“Other than that, it was pretty uneventful. I was expected a door to blow out or the roof tearing off but yeah, I even got a bit of sleep.”

What made the trip even more memorable for the man was that his checked luggage arrived here in Betoota with him.

“I was expecting some poor Qantas Service Representative to phone me up and apologise because they’ve sent my bag to Pakistan or something and that it’d be back in 7 to 21 working days. But yeah, got off the flight and went to the carousel. Few minutes later and my bag was the first one out of the chute,” he continued.

“Unheard of these days. It’s like I’ve gone back in a time machine to 2019.”

However, the man isn’t confident that the feat can be repeated.

“I really need to be in Alice Springs next week so I might just drive.”

More to come.


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