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Some old cunt from Sydney has asked protestors at St Mary’s Cathedral to “show some respect” today because they’re burying their king.

Roland Smith, a 70-year-old social and economic handbrake on our society, explained to our Sydney correspondent that the people who’ve come to hurl abuse at Cardinal Pell today need to start giving the situation the gravitas it deserves.

“There’s a dead body in that box,” he said.

“Now is not the time to be protesting or abusing people. Cardinal Pell was our king and he is dead. If it were another religious leader, people wouldn’t be feeling so free to insult them. Cardinal Pell served the Catholic church his entire life and that’s what we’re here to remember,”

“Remember that there’s a person in that coffin.”

Another Pell mourner inferred that Cardinal Pell’s child rape charges were thrown out in court, which means people calling him a pedophile and a great defender of pedophiles were in the wrong and history would treat them so.

“Without respect, there can be no dialogue,” said the cunt.

“Without the rule of law, there can be no justice. A man as died today and all that people on the left want to do is storm the Cathedral, climb up on the catafalque, lower their britches and lay a large runny log on the Cardinal’s coffin and I think that’s disgusting,”

“Today is a day of mourning for us. Our great defender, not of pedophiles like people are saying, has died. He defended our faith.”

More to come.


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