After nearly half a decade of achieving absolutely none of the things she said she would work day and night to implement in Federal Politics, Senator Pauline Hanson has today been beaten to the punch when it comes to no longer allowing foreigners into the country.

As of yesterday, The Government has enacted a ban on all non-citizens and non-residents from entering the country to minimise the impact of the coronavirus.

Under the new travel ban from 9pm tonight, Australians seeking to return from overseas and their direct family members will still be allowed in but must self-quarantine for 14 days upon entry.

This news has been met with extreme jealousy from the flat-earthers and white supremacist State and Federal senators that make up Pauline Hanson’s far-right One Nation Party.

While the media rightly ignores anything that Hanson and her populist cronies are saying about the current pandemic Australia finds itself in, out of fear that anything they say could result in more people dying, the party and their supporters have been left with a bitter taste in their mouth regarding the decision for Australia to shut all borders.

“I just wish that we didn’t need a global pandemic that is killing tens of thousands of people around the world to show us the importance of not letting anyone else into the country” said a foul Pauline Hanson during a press conference in some shithole weekender town west of Brisbane today.

“I’ve been saying for years that Islam and people who dress differently to us are the biggest threat to Australians, and no one listened!”

“But now, because of this so-called coronary virus, they rush to shut the gate”

As Hanson points out, it is impossible for her and her party to exist when Australia is preoccupied with real issues that actually affect Australians. It’s for this reason that is unashamedly jealous that COVID-19 is taking all of the headlines.

“It really shows where the government’s priorities are” she says.

“What’s next, the coronavirus shuts down the family courts. Wouldn’t surprise me if it wants to take credit for that as well”

“When will people learn that we have bigger threats to our country than all of this mumbo jumbo that only scientists and academics can advise us on”

“Whatever happened to the good old Aussie battler making a name for themselves in politics based on nothing but pointless fear and divisiveness?”

“This isn’t the Australia I grew up in”

“It certainly isn’t the Australia that has been paying me over $250k tay payer dollars a year since I was elected in 2016”



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