A local 64-year-old retiree has today revealed one of the big flaws of modern society.

Speaking to The Advocate after a morning on the course at the prestigious Royal Betoota Golf Club, Ern Tidelman explained that these new generations ‘want everything handed to them on a platter.’

“They just want it all to be easy,” said the man worth over 5 million dollars purely as a result of the property boom in recent decades.

“All you hear from these youngins is whinging about how hard everything is,” he continued.

“You know what was hard? The work I did when I was doing 8 hour days Monday to Friday with a lunch break in the office for 2 years before I’d saved enough to buy my first home.”

Tidelman explained that people shouldn’t just think owning a home isn’t a god-given right, even though housing is a pretty well recognised human right in things like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“You have to earn it,” said the man who bought his first home for $45,000 while living with his parents and earning roughly $30,000 a year.

“Sorry, you might not be able to live in a five-bedroom house in the centre of town right away,” he continued, completely dismissing the fact the medium house price in regional centres where there can be limited employment opportunities are now north of $500,000 a year.

“Interest rates are so low now anyway, I don’t know what the big deal is. You shoulda seen the interest rates in my day, when I had a 20,000 dollar mortgage”

“My advice, stop whinging and get to work buying properties”

“That’s what I did, pricing people from less financially secure families out of the market and making millions as a result of it.”

Ern then took a deep breath before speaking to one of the course employees like a sub-human about something.

“Don’t get me started on the learned helplessness of these dole bludgers,” either he laughed.

“Handouts, handouts, handouts,” finished the man who pays an accountant to dodge his tax obligations while claiming the yearly welfare payments of a couple of families in tax loopholes regarding property and other financial investements.

“Don’t blame the system. Just get to work”


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