A local human rights activist has caused a bit of a scene down in the French Quarter today, by abusing a fascist hospitality employee.

Andie Vachscer reportedly unleashed on the minimum wage cafe worker this morning, after she was refused entry for not producing a jab passport.

The incident occurred at the Penny Far Thing on Carlton Street in the French Quarter, which was one of the first hospitality venues to introduce the no vax, no sit-in rule.

The rule introduced by the owners of the cafe who have the right to exclude people from their venue in a public health capacity has caused a few run-ins, with freedom fighters like Andie targeting them to let off a bit of steam.

“It’s our duty as progressive free thinkers to challenge this new policy of segregation between the jabbed and unjabbed,” said the local woman privileged enough to base her identity around rejecting a free dose of medicine proven to help the community.

“People shouldn’t be made second-class citizens and excluded from things,” she continued, acting as if she were in Apartheid South Africa, or Australia a few decades ago.

“It’s state-sanctioned segregation,” continued the young woman who may have lost a bit of perspective on recent history.

“I just don’t know why the government is so obsessed with persecuting us,” she said, spraying the employee, referencing the policy designed to motivate people to get the jab and protect people who haven’t had it.

“You are a Nazi, and you can take your coffee and shove it,” she said, storming out of the venue she’d never been to before anyway.

The cafe employee was then left to sigh and try and pick up the pieces for the rest of her morning.

More to come.


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