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Kraft has today announced a nut-free peanut butter to accommodate Gen-Z children with nut allergies that still want to eat peanut butter.

A spokesperson from the brand told the press that this was not an early April fool’s joke, and that they expect the new product to do quite well.

“We’re really getting on the front foot with this product,” said Ms Single.

“The number of children with nut allergies is increasing at an alarming rate, that’s bad news for a nut spread company.”

“You’ve got to evolve your product as society does.”

When questioned about what was in the nut-free peanut butter, and if it was a healthy option for kids, Ms Single became rather vague.

“Umm, I’m not too sure of the exact ingredients – I’ll have to get back to you, I can safely say no nuts!”

“For kids with nut allergies, it is definitely healthier than eating peanut butter.”

“That’s all I have time for today, thank you.”

Following the interview, The Advocate reached out to a health star rating company to see how the new product faired.

“The nut free peanut butter has a health star rating of -3, there’s absolutely no nutrients in it and definitely nothing natural.”

“Regular peanut butter at least has peanuts in it, this has nothing. I would not let my kids eat this.”


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