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“Looking back, I guess buying a 5kg tub of creatine after one good weight session on a visitor’s pass for a mate’s gym was a bit ambitious… But I’m a bit all or nothing like that and I’m definitely getting back into it” mused Mason (36) from the comfort of his reclining armchair as housemate Gemma cleaned around him while asking what could be chucked out from the pantry.

“The expiry dates only matter if you’ve cracked them open, anyway.”

“There have just been heaps of weddings on in the last couple of years and you can’t really not drink at a mate’s wedding. “

“And you can’t really work out for a week after that.”

“And there’s also all that food, you feel a bit sick after that and yeah, you just need to give your body a bit of a rest after those weekends.”

“But yeah, no more of them coming up, I’m the only one left! Even more incentive to get back into it! Definitely, don’t throw that away, it’s still good.”


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