A young German woman has today been heaped with praise, after managing to achieve the impossible.

23-year-old Stephanie Rahm has made headlines after making it through an entire week in Bali without getting naked in public once.

What’s more, Stephanie didn’t even flash a single person for the duration of her stay.

The miraculous achievement comes after months of regular headlines out of the Indonesian island detailing the poor behaviour of tourists.

From prancing around naked in sacred temples to flashing locals whilst drunkenly riding scooters around the popular holiday spot, Europeans have been doing their best to steal the title of most obnoxious tourists from Australia.

Held for the last few decades by our large island nation, the title now looks to be under significant threat from Europeans and Russians.

However, that’s something young Stephanie from Hamburg has decided to try and counter.

Speaking about her ability to keep her genitals covered while in Bali, Stephanie explained that she just wants to be respectful of the island’s locals.

“I just think the people here are really lovely, and I just want to be a polite visitor while I’m in town.”

“I was told that locals don’t think getting naked and flashing your bits is very funny, so I just decided to behave while I was here.”

“It was hard, but somehow I found away not to be a brat while in someone else’s country.”


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