Fox Sports have today confirmed that tonight’s NRL360 will be one for the ages!

The pay TV home of Rugby League has informed the Advocate that this week’s Monday night NRL360 will be one of ‘the biggest, most drama filled editions of the show in history.’

Not because one of the presenters was arrested and has been charged, but because the panel is set to spend the entire 60 minutes talking about the crisis that is besetting the St George Illawarra Dragons.

“The Dragons have lost 6 games in a row, and coach Anthony Griffin is on the chopping block,” said one producer this morning.

“And given we turn the microscope on all the contentious topics in Rugby League, we’ll be diving into that and have a conversation about all the tough topics,” he continued.

“We have a proud reputation of leaving no stone unturned, and giving favourable treatment to no one!” said the producer of a show that pounces on any indiscretions from players and coaches both on and off the field.

The confirmation of the full hour of Dragons chat comes after numerous Rugby League fans have taken to social media to ask whether there will be any discussion of the horrific allegations levelled against you-know-who

However, given the insular nature of the media – the powers at be are seemingly happy to just completely ignore the allegations and allow them to run their course without generating even a ripple in the news cycle.

“If we do somehow run out of things to talk about in regards to the Dragons, we’ll move onto the attitude issue at the Panthers,” finished the producer.

“Did you see Luai shush the cameras after the game on Friday night? That type of behaviour is unacceptable and he deserves to be hammered for it.”

More to come.


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