After a bin fire second leader’s debate on Channel Nine, there have been calls for a special moderator to be brought in for the final showdown.

This comes after the two middle-aged men who run our major political parties just argued over the top of each other for an hour on a Sunday night.

The extremely bratty behavior from a pair of leaders who look to be increasingly under the squeeze has resulted in Channel 7 being asked to contract Betoota Plains local Trish Thomas to take the reins for the third debate.

Blessed with a long history in the rural hospitality industry, it’s hoped that 52-year-old Trish can tell these ‘fucking pelicans to pull their heads in.’

This comes after she successfully moderated at least 4 heated debates in just the last weekend alone.

The most notable debate was from late Friday night, with some strong allegations leveled at Simmo (Charlene’s new man who replaced Snowy) for how he was spoiling Snowy’s kids.

With the grace of a grandmother, and the verbal force of a local magistrate, Trish was able to prevent a full-blown punch on.

So, given her skills as the manager of the Commerical Hotel on the edge of our town, it’s hoped that Trish can handle two dribblers in suits come Wednesday night.

Channel 7, (which is hosting the debate because the Prime Minister refuses to go on a channel not owned or run by one of his mates), has yet to formally respond to the calls but is reportedly open to the option if they can get Trish to be an invader in the Big Brother House.

More to come.


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