A Byron Bay woman, who makes her living analyzing people’s personality traits based on the stars, has had it with anti-vaxers and their unscientific claims. 

“I mean, the science is very clear — There is zero proof that vaccines cause autism,” Kendall, 24, from Byron Bay, told The Advocate.

“If they even paused for a moment to think about it, they’d realize there is no hard evidence to support their claims.”

Kendall, a Virgo, went on to explain that because of her star-sign, she is particularly predisposed to have no tolerance for “Anti-vax bullshit.” 

“Virgos, especially those with cancer rising signs, like myself, aren’t very gullible,” she told reporters while she consulted her star chart.

“We just have a very low tolerance for pseudo-science and false claims.”

Kendall, who has a Reiki and Astrology business in town, concluded by saying she was quite concerned about the lack of fact-based discussions happening in our society.

Then she asked reporters to leave so she could continue to charge her crystals in the moonlight.


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