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A Betoota Heights man has confused a hotplate for a grill this week after returning from the shops with an electric barbecue.

Codie Hoover is just hours away from being rinsed by his mates, not that he knows that, after inviting a dozen or so of them over on Sunday for a Grand Final barbecue.

In preparation for the afternoon of cheap snags and even cheaper ALDI knockoff beers, the 37-year-old went about ‘sourcing’ a barbecue for the event as he didn’t already have one for some reason.

Speaking to The Advocate today, Codie said he was looking forward to the weekend.

“I got this Sunbeam Flavour Kettle BBQ from Gumtree,” he said.

“The bloke who I bought it off, he looks like a reverend or something. Beige Gazmans, brown lace-up shoes. Hush Puppies or something. A blue gingham shirt tucked in, a respectable halo of flesh hanging over his belt. Glasses. You know the kind,”

“Anyway, I went to pay him cash and he said he’d rather a bank transfer so he can declare the income and capital loss on the asset. I was going to tell him the ATO was probably cool with this transaction I just went with it,”

“So yeah, looking forward to it.”

When asked by our reporter if he was worried about being called a ‘softcock’ by his mates for owning an electric BBQ, Codie said that was an odd thing to have concerns over.

“It’s just a BBQ?” he said.

“Yeah sure, maybe Jaydo and Kevvy might put shit on me but they’re into their BBQ.”

Jaydo confirmed to our reporter that anyone who owns an electric BBQ is “probably a softcock” because it removes the point of barbecuing meat in the first place.

“Flames create the flavour, my dude,” he said.

“If Codie has one of those softcock electric barbecues, man, we’re going to roast the fuck out of him. Pun intended, dawg. We aren’t in a park celebrating some kid’s birthday. We’re men in a backyard, listening to country music and eating meat. Drinking beers in the sunshine, brother.”

More to come.


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