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Young media professional Rhyce Lukas has been on holidays in a remote tropical location for the past 2 weeks and according to his out of office reply, he won’t be able to reply to any emails because there’s no reception, so if it’s not urgent it’ll have to wait until January 20 when he’s back in the office.

To his panicked clients’ dismay, that means their urgent campaign is going to have to wait due to Lukas’s lack of reception.

However, by some form of technological witchcraft, while he can’t respond to his clients’ desperate demands, Rhyce’s social media presence hasn’t skipped a beat.

A colleague of Rhyce’s who’s had to pick up the slack reached out to The Advocate to voice her frustrations about the whole situation.

“Firstly, there’s no need for him to leave so much detail in his OOO – I don’t need to know that he’s sunbaking and drinking cocktails all day”

“And secondly, he reckons he doesn’t have enough reception to respond to urgent emails but somehow he can upload 50 stories of himself drinking piña coladas and filming his rig from different angles”

“One client even has him on Instagram, she emailed me directly and she was fuming too”

“We legit nearly lost the client because he wouldn’t reply”

“Ffs [sic] I hope it rains for the rest of his holiday.”


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