Will many still claim that the Canberra Raiders should be the 2019 NRL Champions around Australia, in one distant part of the world that is in fact the case.

A small village outside of Monrovia, the capital of the Western African nation of Liberia is that place on the map where the Raiders are the rightful champions of the NRL.

This comes after the large batch of Canberra Raiders 2019 NRL Champions shirts was shipped off to the African village after that cruel night in October last year.

Despite being over 15,000 kilometres away from the Bush Capital, it can be revealed that a group of Liberian children are wearing their commemorative merchandise with pride.

Like all professional clubs who are forward-thinking, the Raiders had the batch of celebratory clothing ready to go should they have been crowned victors at the end of the Grand Final.

“Yeah, well we weren’t exactly going to kit the boys out in after the six again howler were we,” explained a Raiders spokesperson.

William Dolo (11) from the village of Bensonville in central Liberia explained to us that he loves the Milk, and is glad they sent him and his friend’s lots of shirts.

“It’s awesome.”

“So, many thanks to the gross global inequality as a result of rampant imperialism and capitalism and the Canberra Raiders for this cool shirt,” explained William.

“My brother’s Broncos jerseys is cool, but I really like my Raiders one.”

“Up the milk!”


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