The whole world for some reason only now starting to think that world famous pop star Michael Jackson might’ve been a bit suss.

This comes after the documentary Leaving Neverland was incrementaly screened to different countries across the globe, and furiously pirated in Australia.

Radio stations and TV networks have called for his music to be banned across the globe following the harrowing abuse allegations featured in the film.

The film which is finally being broadcast legally in Australia tonight details the brutal abuse allegedly suffered by Wade Robson and James Safechuck – and paints Michael Jackson to be a bit of a creep.

“Omg he is so cancelled” said one of the hundreds of millions of Twitter users around the world.

This sentiment was shared by many more viewers, who were so horrified by the claims against the King of Pop, they flocked to Twitter to demand a worldwide boycott of Jackson’s music.

“I thought dangling the baby off the balcony was a bit how ya goin… but this is. Wow. I can’t listen to him anymore”

Other people in this wild online landscape of hot takes are defending Michael Jackson, claiming a dead man can’t really defend himself, unlike an alive man, like say Cardinal Pell, who was convicted of similar crimes last week but still has supporters.

Tony Abbott and Andrew Bolt are yet to defend the weird long haired pop singer, but former Australian prime Minister John Howard has done so even after watching the doco.


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